Here I am long-lost and free
Here I am wandered off from who I use to be
grown very cold and numb to feelings
I am absolutely free
but what is it to be free
in such freedom everyone is just temporary and distant
and vacancy strikes frequently
as vacancy begins it grows like darkness
and every moment of its existence is hoped to end
but it doesn’t, it’s rough like edges seems as an unconditional growth that remains in continuum.
I hate being alone but in such freedom that I adventure, loneliness strikes like an untreatable disease
When I started expressing such freedom my social life was slowly dying,
I would lose my mind, even trying to regain any friendship
so I reminisce on past memories because that is all that I have. But, fucked up thing is pretending not to give a shit and to feel so protected by my own numbness.
In the beginning, sure we all say to be alone really don’t make that much of a difference but once we’re actually alone we feel the true effects of darkness, as if we’re lost into a pit with no assistance because to be alone feels exactly like darkness.