Forbidden Fruits

*Forbidden Fruits*

If only you knew of this forbidden fruit that you are about to bite into,
But you don’t know so you quickly indulges into,
something more pleasurable you thought would ease your mental.
You thought it would best rescue you from numbness that you have adventured into,
due to all the pain you’ve been through.
So you rely on the juice to please you.
Infatuated with the moment,
obsessed with its existence.
You grow anxious, tempted to touch it
your hands get shaky, your words keep stuttering
your mind keeps wondering on how it taste.
As your teeth pierces through, it gushes every liter of its poisonous juice, transferring straight to you.
Paralyzing your brain with every dose of its contamination.
the parasitic bug spreads like an untreatable disease.
It kills your alert and awareness,
it fools you to think that all is well,
but nothing is well. In this reality your problems only seem to multiply and swell
If you would’ve known that this forbidden fruit
couldn’t save you because this fruit is as hurt as you. @OfficialRussaw

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