I’ve fallen In love with a dream (Misunderstood, Poetry)

I’ve fallen in love with a dream

Much many of my writings are sad and very depressing 

and much many of my writings along with this 

Maybe misunderstood..

Many people may read this and not understand

But, truth is I’ve become mentally attached 

to someone, to something that’s not real

My heart bleeds for it, yet it doesn’t exist 

Through many years of your non, existence I’ve grown very fond of you. 

You’re wonder because your pretty appearance

And mind blowing personality makes you beautiful

And you love me unconditionally, that alone makes me so happy

it could stretch the tic of time and last for eternity

But you see, the most twisted up thing about this is,

you don’t exist you’re just a figment of my imagination

A thought in which you’re harmony and bliss

But in reality you fail to exist. “Love”   “Misunderstood Poetry”

Dangerous Love (Poetry)

Dangerous Love

Why do you feel,

that you’re someone who no one will ever like

to go along in life pretending that your alright

when in reality your drowning in pain

Your face stay drenched in tears

mainly over the same thing, someone left you a long time ago

simply because you did not fulfill the thoughts of being a perfect person

can you believe this shit, You spent many years building up your self-confidence

only to have them crushed down by that one person

who told you, you’re no one’s dream nor treasure

so therefore you have no placement in this world and soon after hearing that bullshit

you allow your whole world to turn into darkness,

you then start to hate every fucking moment of your existence

in, that moment nothing seems to really make much sense

and instead of living life you hide in darkness because you’re so ashamed of who you are

you’re mentally broken and sadden you feel that you can’t ever be of any great quality

but who is he or she to say you’re not special,

if only you knew

but you don’t know so you constantly reject the fact that you’re wonderful

it hurts my soul because it seems you’ll never know

your very lovable so please put down that blade

and pay close attention to your magnificent indifference’s which makes you beautiful

Instead of embracing this fact that you are beautiful

You’ve braced yourself and built upon numbness

because you’re brainwashed with thoughts

that a heartless world would survive

but deep down inside you still wishes that someone could love you

someone, no other than this one person that dogged you

you find yourself pointlessly waiting by the phone, waiting for this person to call you

to say to you they’ve made a big mistake by leaving you

but you soon come to your senses

you realized this is nearly impossible, that is something that they’ll never do

by now you’ve grown tired of the same pain

by now you feel your only resort is for death to rescue you

with the scares still burning she weeps

she lets the blade lay deep within her skin

and the only thing she had left in her hand was a note

May she rest peacefully “I hope”

Evil Poetry

Evil –
Buried deep within there is another side
A darker side, there is evil trapped in me that urges to be set forever free
It sometimes becomes me it oozes out of my pores
And contaminates the air that I breath
Whenever it is momentarily free it temporarily turns me crazy
It does things that are unforgiving
And unfortunately it is unforgettable
It always seems to play its scenarios
In my mind as if I have no control as if I have no strength, forever giving in to its wonders and temptations
But here I brace strong enough to set it free
Not free to become me
But free from me.



Here I am long-lost and free
Here I am wandered off from who I use to be
grown very cold and numb to feelings
I am absolutely free
but what is it to be free
in such freedom everyone is just temporary and distant
and vacancy strikes frequently
as vacancy begins it grows like darkness
and every moment of its existence is hoped to end
but it doesn’t, it’s rough like edges seems as an unconditional growth that remains in continuum.
I hate being alone but in such freedom that I adventure, loneliness strikes like an untreatable disease
When I started expressing such freedom my social life was slowly dying,
I would lose my mind, even trying to regain any friendship
so I reminisce on past memories because that is all that I have. But, fucked up thing is pretending not to give a shit and to feel so protected by my own numbness.
In the beginning, sure we all say to be alone really don’t make that much of a difference but once we’re actually alone we feel the true effects of darkness, as if we’re lost into a pit with no assistance because to be alone feels exactly like darkness.